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The need of Europe (and the world) for IT skills

A Digital Europe needs Digital Skills

Found this on via a friend on Facebook yesterday and thought it a very good starter on the topic of knowledge, IT and managing both in the modern day and age.

While I am pretty amazed by how education in my older daughters school has been digitized I see the need of the WHOLE populace to get more into contact with how IT works.

She is e.g. preparing power points in school now for topics she has to report on and all is presented on a smartboard. The smartboard is also used to watch youtube in free hours :-). On the other hand a friend of mine who is a highschool teacher tells me that when he talked to colleagues in a education class about online media he was the only one in a big room full of people who not only new what Facebook was but also had his own account. He even KNEW people doing online gaming. Oh the devil!

The EC poster shows how it is.

Young People, growing up with tech just use it naturally but have no idea how it works beyond their immediate need. They all use whats app, Facebook, Skype etc. but have no idea what that implies for them in the long run. In the future I will write about media competencies because of that.

Working Age People, often are like young people but are also not interested in how things work. They just want to use and consume but not many want to become ICTs. Who can this be made more attractive is another topic I want to discuss. Knowledge management and knowledge education could also be an answer here.

And finally, with the world becoming more and more digitized Older People, will need at least basic skills in IT operations to keep up with development. If you never used the internet, how can you get you banking data, if the bank only sends out digital reports? My in-laws just told me that this just happened to them. For now they still get paper copies in a kind of “old age legacy program”. But this will stop too at one point. If by then the next generation has not gotten the skills to operate IT then they will be lost. Bringing everybody on board of IT is also just important to not leave older people behind.